Twitter-Chef Dorsey: "Es ist wichtig, dass wir direkt von den Spitzenpolitikern hören"

heise online Newsticker - 16. September 2017 - 13:00
Donald Trump ist derzeit der wohl berühmteste und berüchtigste Twitter-Nutzer. Doch Geld verdient die Plattform mit den Tweets der Politiker nicht. Twitter-Chef Jack Dorsey glaubt dennoch an sein Werbemodell – und an die Beschränkung auf 140 Zeichen.

Dave Hall Consulting: Trying Drupal

Planet Drupal - 16. September 2017 - 12:34

While preparing for my DrupalCamp Belgium keynote presentation I looked at how easy it is to get started with various CMS platforms. For my talk I used Contentful, a hosted content as a service CMS platform and contrasted that to the "Try Drupal" experience. Below is the walk through of both.

Let's start with Contentful. I start off by visiting their website.

In the top right corner is a blue button encouraging me to "try for free". I hit the link and I'm presented with a sign up form. I can even use Google or GitHub for authentication if I want.

While my example site is being installed I am presented with an overview of what I can do once it is finished. It takes around 30 seconds for the site to be installed.

My site is installed and I'm given some guidance about what to do next. There is even an onboarding tour in the bottom right corner that is waving at me.

Overall this took around a minute and required very little thought. I never once found myself thinking come on hurry up.

Now let's see what it is like to try Drupal. I land on d.o. I see a big prominent "Try Drupal" button, so I click that.

I am presented with 3 options. I am not sure why I'm being presented options to "Build on Drupal 8 for Free" or to "Get Started Risk-Free", I just want to try Drupal, so I go with Pantheon.

Like with Contentful I'm asked to create an account. Again I have the option of using Google for the sign up or completing a form. This form has more fields than contentful.

I've created my account and I am expecting to be dropped into a demo Drupal site. Instead I am presented with a dashboard. The most prominent call to action is importing a site. I decide to create a new site.

I have to now think of a name for my site. This is already feeling like a lot of work just to try Drupal. If I was a busy manager I would have probably given up by this point.

When I submit the form I must surely be going to see a Drupal site. No, sorry. I am given the choice of installing WordPress, yes WordPress, Drupal 8 or Drupal 7. Despite being very confused I go with Drupal 8.

Now my site is deploying. While this happens there is a bunch of items that update above the progress bar. They're all a bit nerdy, but at least I know something is happening. Why is my only option to visit my dashboard again? I want to try Drupal.

I land on the dashboard. Now I'm really confused. This all looks pretty geeky. I want to try Drupal not deal with code, connection modes and the like. If I stick around I might eventually click "Visit Development site", which doesn't really feel like trying Drupal.

Now I'm asked to select a language. OK so Drupal supports multiple languages, that nice. Let's select English so I can finally get to try Drupal.

Next I need to chose an installation profile. What is an installation profile? Which one is best for me?

Now I need to create an account. About 10 minutes I already created an account. Why do I need to create another one? I also named my site earlier in the process.

Finally I am dropped into a Drupal 8 site. There is nothing to guide me on what to do next.

I am left with a sense that setting up Contentful is super easy and Drupal is a lot of work. For most people wanting to try Drupal they would have abandonned someway through the process. I would love to see the conversion stats for the try Drupal service. It must miniscule.

It is worth noting that Pantheon has the best user experience of the 3 companies. The process with 1&1 just dumps me at a hosting sign up page. How does that let me try Drupal?

Acquia drops onto a page where you select your role, then you're presented with some marketing stuff and a form to request a demo. That is unless you're running an ad blocker, then when you select your role you get an Ajax error.

The Try Drupal program generates revenue for the Drupal Association. This money helps fund development of the project. I'm well aware that the DA needs money. At the same time I wonder if it is worth it. For many people this is the first experience they have using Drupal.

The previous attempt to have added to the try Drupal page ultimately failed due to the financial implications. While this is disappointing I don't think is necessarily the answer either.

There needs to be some minimum standards for the Try Drupal page. One of the key item is the number of clicks to get from d.o to a working demo site. Without this the "Try Drupal" page will drive people away from the project, which isn't the intention.

If you're at DrupalCon Vienna and want to discuss this and other ways to improve the marketing of Drupal, please attend the marketing sprints.

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Biohacking-Retreat für Kurzentschlossene

heise online Newsticker - 16. September 2017 - 12:30
Nächste Woche noch nichts vor? Am 20. September startet das Biohack Retreat im schweizerischen Klöntal. Tickets gibt es über ein Crowdfunding, das in zwei Tagen endet.

JP-Morgan-Chef Jamie Dimon hält Bitcoin für "Betrug"

heise online Newsticker - 16. September 2017 - 11:15
Nur für "Mörder" und "Drogendealer" brauchbar: Wenn es um Bitcoin geht, macht der Chef der weltgrößten Bank JP Morgan Chase keine Gefangenen. Der Blockchain-Technik kann er hingegen mehr abgewinnen.

Facebooks Video-Regeln: Kein Geld für Sex, Drogen und Gewalt

heise online Newsticker - 16. September 2017 - 9:30
Videoproduzenten, die auf Facebook mit ihren Bewegtbildern Geld durch Werbung verdienen wollen, müssen sich an strenge Regeln halten: Sex, Drogen und Gewalt sind tabu, damit die Werbetreibenden sich wohl fühlen.

Audi Aicon: Futuristische Studie für autonome Luxuslimousine mit Elektroantrieb

heise online Newsticker - 16. September 2017 - 9:00
Auch Audi hält den Elektroantrieb und selbstfahrende Autos für die Zukunft der eigenen Branche. Eine Studie namens Aicon zeigt, wie die Ingolstädter dabei mithalten wollen: Mit viel Platz und futuristischem Design für die Luxuskunden.

Joachim's blog: Brief update on Drupal Code Builder

Planet Drupal - 15. September 2017 - 22:31

I've completely revamped the Drush commands for Drupal Code Builder:

  • First, they're now in their own project on Github
  • Second, I've rewritten them completely for Drush 9, completely interactive.
  • Third, they are now geared towards adding to existing modules, rather than generating a module as a single shot. That approach made sense in the days of Drupal 6 when it was just hook implementations, but I increasingly find I want to add a plugin, a service, a form, to a module I've already started.

The downside is that installing these is rather tricky at the moment due to some current limitations in Drush 9 beta; see details in the project README, which has full instructions for workarounds.

Now that's out of the way, I'm pushing on with some new generators for the Drupal Code Builder library itself. On my list is:

  • plugin types (as in the plugin manager service, base class and interface, and declaration for Plugins module)
  • entity type
  • entity type handlers
  • your suggestions in the issue queue...

And of course more unit tests and refactoring of the codebase.

Aten Design Group: Mastering Drupal 8’s Libraries API

Planet Drupal - 15. September 2017 - 18:56

If you ever had to overwrite a module’s css file or a core javascript library in Drupal 7, you likely remember the experience. And not because it was a glorious encounter that left you teary-eyed at the sheer beauty of its ease and simplicity.

Along with Drupal 8 came the Libraries API and a whole new way of adding CSS and JS assets and managing libraries. In true Drupal 8 fashion, the new system uses YAML files to grant developers flexibility and control over their CSS and JS assets. This gives you the ability to overwrite core libraries, add libraries directly to templates, specify dependencies and more.

There are many pros to this approach. The most important improvement being that you can add these assets conditionally. The FOAD technique and other hackish ways to overwrite core CSS files or javascript libraries are long gone. This is extraordinarily good news!

However, the simplicity of the drupal_add_js() and drupal_add_css() functions have also disappeared, and now you have to navigate a potentially overwhelming and confusing nest of yml’s just to add some custom CSS or javascript to a page. (No, you can’t just add css via the theme’s .info file). In this post, I’ll guide you through the new Libraries API in Drupal 8 so you can nimbly place assets like you’ve always dreamed.


If you haven’t yet experienced the glory that is the yml file, you’ll want to get familiar. Read this great introduction to YAML then come back to this post.

Creating Libraries

First step is to create your libraries.yml file at your-theme-name.libraries.yml or your-module-name.libraries.yml.

Here’s an example of how you define a Drupal 8 library.

A few things to note:

  • The path to CSS and JS files are relative to the theme or module directory that contains the libraries.yml file. We’ll cover that in more depth shortly.
  • The dependencies, in this case jQuery, are any other library your library depends on. They will automatically be attached wherever you attach your library and will load before yours.
  • Multiple libraries can be defined in one libraries.yml file, so each library in the file must have a unique name. However the libraries will be namespaced as mytheme/mylibrary or mymodule/mylibrary so a libraries.yml file in your theme and libraries.yml file in your module can contain libraries with the same name.
  • The css files are organized according to the SMACSS categories. This gives some control over the order of which assets are added to your page. The css files will be added according to their category. So any css file in the theme category will be added last, regardless of whether or not it comes from the base theme or the active child theme. Javascript files are not organized by SMACSS category.

Now that you know the library basics, it’s time to up the ante.


You can add additional properties inside the curly braces that allow you to define where the javascript is included, additional ordering of files, browser properties and more. We won’t cover all the possibilities just now, but here are some examples

Attaching Libraries

The simplest way to attach libraries globally is through the file. Instead of adding stylesheets and scripts ala Drupal 7, you now attach libraries like so:

Global is great and all, but perhaps the coolest libraries upgrade in Drupal 8 is the ability to attach libraries via twig templates. For example, if you have a search form block, you can define the css and js for the block, add it to a library, and add that library to the search form block twig template. Those assets specific to the search form block will only be included when the block is rendered.

And yes, you can also attach libraries with our ol’ pal php.

Extending and Overriding Libraries

Another boon is the ability to extend and override libraries. These extensions and overrides take place in the file.

As you might expect, libraries-extend respects the conditions of the library is being extended. Maybe you have a forum module that comes with css and js out-of-the-box. If you want to tweak the styling, you can extend the forum modules library, and add your own css file.

For overrides, you can remove or override a specific file or an entire library.

Final Considerations

Before we wrap up, I'll send you on your way with a couple final considerations and gotcha's that you need to be aware of.

  • The Libraries API Module is still relevant in Drupal 8, and should be used to handle external libraries that don't ship with drupal or a module or theme. It also allows libraries to be used by multiple modules or sites.
  • If a file is already linked to within a library it won't get added a second time.
  • Module CSS files are grouped before theme CSS files, so a module's css file will always be loaded before a theme's css file.
  • Refer to the Drupal 8 Theming Guide for more info.

Thanks for reading. Now go forth and use your asset placing powers for good, not evil.

DrupalCon News: Novice Contributor Sprints at DrupalCon Vienna

Planet Drupal - 15. September 2017 - 18:47
Everyone is welcome (including you!)

With just about two weeks to go until DrupalCon Vienna we are anticipating an amazing week of learning and collaborating ahead! There will be code sprints all week, but Friday is our dedicated sprint day when anyone and everyone can come contribute to Drupal core and participate together in guided sprints.

Googles neue Smartphones: Pixel 2 XL von LG, Pixel 2 von HTC, beide am 4. Oktober

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 18:30
Das Google Pixel 2 kommt von HTC, die XL-Version von LG – das geht aus Dokumenten der Zulassungsbehörde FCC hervor. Auch der Termin der Präsentation scheint jetzt festzustehen.

Hardware-Details zum Apple TV 4K: Gigabit-Ethernet und bessere Siri Remote

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 17:30
Apple hat seiner Multimediabox endlich schnelles drahtgebundenes Netz verpasst. Die Siri Remote wurde leicht verändert.

Umfrage: Internet für politische Information so wichtig wie Zeitungen

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 17:30
2013 lag der Anteil derjenigen, die sich online auf dem Laufenden halten, noch bei 60 Prozent. Mittlerweile sind es mit 73 Prozent fast so viele wie bei Tageszeitungen (74 Prozent).

Editor Sublime Text: schneller, mit überarbeitetem Interface und Erweiterungen

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 16:30
Eine überarbeitete UI, API-Erweiterungen, bessere Performance und Möglichkeiten, um im Quelltext herumzuspringen sollen Nutzer des Texteditors zum Upgrade auf das dritte Major Release animieren.

Dries Buytaert: Don't blame open-source software for poor security practices

Planet Drupal - 15. September 2017 - 16:28

Last week, Equifax, one of the largest American credit agencies, was hit by a cyber attack that may have compromised the personal data of nearly 143 million people, including name, address, social security numbers, birthdates and more. The forfeited information reveals everything required to steal someone's identity or to take out a loan on someone else's name. Considering that the current US population is 321 million, this cyberattack is now considered to be one of the largest and most intrusive breaches in US history.

It's Equifax that is to blame, not open-source

As Equifax began to examine how the breach occurred, many unsubstantiated reports and theories surfaced in an attempt to pinpoint the vulnerability. One such theory targeted Apache Struts as the software responsible for the breach. Because Apache Struts is an open-source framework used for developing Java applications, this resulted in some unwarranted open source shaming.

Yesterday, Equifax confirmed that the security breach was due to an Apache Struts vulnerability. However, here is what is important; it wasn't because Apache Struts is open-source or because open-source is less secure. Equifax was hacked because the firm failed to patch a well-know Apache Struts flaw that was disclosed months earlier in March. Running an old, insecure version of software — open-source or proprietary — can and will jeopardize the security of any site. It's Equifax that is to blame, not open-source.

The importance of keeping software up-to-date

The Equifax breach is a good reminder of why organizations need to remain vigilant about properly maintaining and updating their software, especially when security vulnerabilities have been disclosed. In an ideal world, software would update itself the moment a security patch is released. Wordpress, for example, offers automatic updates in an effort to promote better security, and to streamline the update experience overall. It would be interesting to consider automatic security updates for Drupal (just for patch releases, not for minor or major releases).

In absence of automatic updates, I would encourage users to work with PaaS companies that keep not only your infrastructure secure, but also your Drupal application code. Too many organizations underestimate the effort and expertise it takes to do it themselves.

At Acquia, we provide customers with automatic security patching of both the infrastructure and Drupal code. We monitor our customers sites for intrusion attempts, DDoS attacks, and other suspicious activity. If you prefer to do the security patching yourself, we offer continuous integration or continuous delivery tools that enable you to get security patches into production in minutes rather than weeks or months. We take pride in assisting our customers to keep their sites current with the latest patches and upgrades; it's good for our customers and helps dispel the myth that open-source software is more susceptible to security breaches.

dmexco: Online-Werbemarkt wächst um 7 Prozent

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 16:00
Vorhersage erfüllt: Ingesamt wächste der Markt nach Zählung des Online-Vermarkterkreises (OVK) auf 1,91 Milliarden Euro. Pre-Roll-Videoanzeigen werden teilweise durch Unterbrecherwerbung ersetzt.

App-Store-Entfernung aus iTunes kann Entwickler Umsätze kosten

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 16:00
Mit iTunes 12.7 ging Apple den radikalen Schritt, den iOS App Store komplett von Mac und PC zu entfernen. Künftig sind Apps nur noch auf Mobilgeräten kaufbar, was Auswirkungen auf Developer haben dürfte.

Start-up bietet kostenlosen Dienst für klare Whiteboard-Bilder in Videokonferenzen

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 16:00
Wenn in einer Videokonferenz auf Whiteboards geschrieben wird, können nicht immer alle Teilnehmer die Inhalte gut erkennen. Ein neues Angebot soll mit maschinellem Sehen Abhilfe schaffen.

Trello erscheint als Desktop-Programm

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 15:30
Mit einer neuen Applikation für Windows und macOS wagt Trello den Sprung vom Browser auf den Desktop. Viele Nutzer hätten sich ein solches Programm gewünscht und außerdem verleite der Browser zum Tab-Chaos.

Das digitale Kinderzimmer – oder: smarte Helfer rund ums Babybett

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 15:30
Die Babyausstattermesse "Kind+Jugend" zeigt, wie weit "digitale Helfer" schon zu den Kleinsten vorrücken. Vom Pulsmess-Söckchen über Bluetooth-Thermometer bis zu Windel-Voll-Alarm-Sensoren ist alles dabei.

iPhone: Bei Apple ziehen die Servicepreise an

heise online Newsticker - 15. September 2017 - 15:00
Mit der Vorstellung von iPhone X und iPhone 8 gönnt sich Apple eine Erhöhung seiner Reparaturpauschalen – und zwar nicht nur bei den neuen Geräten.