ADCI Solutions: Cloud hosting platforms. Part one: Pantheon

Planet Drupal - 31. Oktober 2017 - 8:52

The story of your life: you are searching for a hosting because you need to share code between teammates and show an intermediate result to a client. You don’t need too much: an SSH access, Git, and Drush. You also would like to have a simple and convenient administration panel and have isolated environments and technical domains.


We know what hostings do have all these features. Let's talk about Pantheon that allows you to start a new Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 project in a few clicks.


Observe Pantheon


LimeSDR Mini: Günstiges Board für Projekte mit Software Defined Radios

heise online Newsticker - 31. Oktober 2017 - 8:00
Bei Software Defined Radios verarbeitet ein Prozessor Funksignale und ermöglicht so Projekte mit verschiedenen Standards. Das Entwicklungsboard LimeSDR Mini macht den Einstieg günstig und unterstützt gleichzeitiges Senden und Empfangen.

Georgia: Daten eines umstrittenen Wahl-Servers gezielt gelöscht

heise online Newsticker - 31. Oktober 2017 - 1:30
Techniker des Center for Election Systems im US-Bundesstaat Georgia haben einen Computer "bereinigt", der im Zentrum einer Klage gegen die Behörden wegen möglicher Wahlmanipulationen steht. Der Verdacht der Vertuschung liegt nahe.

Mediacurrent: 7 Ways to Evaluate the Security and Stability of Drupal Contrib Modules

Planet Drupal - 30. Oktober 2017 - 21:59

Keeping up with Drupal security updates is key to protecting your site, but assessing contrib module security before implementation is just as important. In a new guest post on the Pantheon blog, Mediacurrent Senior Drupal Developers David Younker and Joshua Boltz share a practical guide for sizing up the security of contrib modules.

Try this 7-Step Security Inspection 

To ensure a safe and solid foundation for your Drupal site, consider this 7-point assessment:

1. Has the module maintainer opted in to the security coverage?

Aten Design Group: The Importance of an Accessible Website - Part 3: Make Your Drupal 8 Site More Accessible

Planet Drupal - 30. Oktober 2017 - 19:09

Accessibility should be part of the criteria for picking a CMS. Fortunately, many CMSs out there are getting that right. Building on the information from Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I’m going to focus on leveraging Drupal 8’s accessibility features to enhance any user’s experience.

Drupal 8 Core

Drupal 8 makes it much easier to add accessibility features than previous versions. Some of the most significant improvements for accessibility within Drupal 8 core are:

  • Core code uses semantic HTML5 elements and the addition of aria landmarks, live regions, roles, and properties to improve the experience of screen readers.
  • Creating aural alerts for users who use audio features to navigate and understand a website are easy to implement using Drupal.announce().
  • Users have more control navigating through content with a keyboard using the new Tabbing Manager.
  • Hidden, invisible or on-focus options for all labels have been included so screen readers can give more context to content – without impacting design decisions for traditional screens.
  • Fieldsets have been added for radios and checkboxes in the Form API.
  • Alt text is now required for all image fields by default.
  • The default Bartik Theme is now underlining links so that it is much easier for people to identify links on the page.
  • D8 now includes an optional module to include form errors inline to easily associate errors with inputs when filling in a web form.

Out of the box, Drupal core is a great starting point for creating an accessible website. Usability issues tend to arise when designers and developers begin the theming process. In order to achieve a desired design or function, they inadvertently remove or alter a lot of Drupal’s accessible defaults. With knowledge gained from the previous posts and the following tips, you will be on your way to theming a more accessible site for everyone!


Make sure pseudo :focus and :active styles are always included for users navigating by keyboard. This helps the user visually understand where they currently are on a page. This can be the default browser styling or something more brand specific.

You may include “read more” links on teasers, but make sure there is a visually hidden field to include what the user will be “reading more" about for aural users.

Display None vs Visually Hidden

Drupal 8 core now has this option for labels when creating content types and forms, but it also includes simple class names to hide content properly. A great example of this usage is fixing a “read more” link to something more descriptive for screen readers.

<a href="{{url}}">{{'Read more'|t}} <span class="visually-hidden"> {{'about'|t}} {{label}}</span></a> Anchor and Skip Links

Providing a way to skip links and navigation on a page can improve the usability of a keyboard or aural user on your site. This is a great addition to your site and easy to implement. As mentioned in the previous post, screen readers have the ability to skip and search your site by sections, headings, links, etc. Adding another way to skip various types of content gives the user an easier way of flowing through and skipping heavy or repetitive information on a page. Just remember that this should be visibly hidden and not display: none;!


Always include a button for users to submit their form information. Exposed forms within Drupal have the option for an “auto submit” setting, which automatically submits the form once an element is interacted with or changed. Having one action which invokes two outcomes can cause major confusion for users navigating with assistive technologies.

For Example: A user chooses an item within a select dropdown, and the form submits this change which modifies the content on the page. All of this happens just by selecting an item within a dropdown. Ideally, the user should be able to choose the item in the dropdown, and then press submit to search. Each item should only have one action.

Be careful that you are not reducing the accessibility of forms when using hook_form_alter and other techniques to modify forms. Following the basic form guidelines while implementing forms through this technique will ensure that your forms work well for everyone.

Final Thoughts

We have seen great improvements in Drupal’s core code over the past few years to accommodate everyone. Drupal 8 has a lot of accessibility features built in and as developers we need to take advantage of those features or at the very least, not remove them.

Experten kritisieren diffuse Planung des Abhörzentrums Ost

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 19:00
Mehr Transparenz und Umsetzungsdetails in Sachen Abhörzentrum-Ost forderten Experten von den Innenministerien in einer Anhörung im Innenausschuss des Sächsischen Landtags am Donnerstag ein.

Mediacurrent: Top 4 Takeaways from Acquia Engage

Planet Drupal - 30. Oktober 2017 - 18:47

This October, Mediacurrent was excited to participate in our 4th Acquia Engage conference in Boston. As returning sponsors we enjoyed connecting with friends, partners, customers and potential customers, all set to a backdrop of Boston Harbor. The sessions were interesting and the receptions boasted delicious local fare (hello lobster rolls!), but the real highlight was to listen in on the strategy behind Acquia’s latest product announcements.

If you were unable to attend, never fear because we have you covered with the biggest topics from this year’s event.

Abgas-Skandal: Klage des Großkunden Deutsche See gegen VW abgewiesen

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 18:00
Großkunde Deutsche See scheitert in erster Instanz mit dem Verlangen, im Zusammenhang mit dem Abgas-Skandal von VW Leasingraten und Wartungskosten zurückzubekommen.

Werbeindustrie fordert Europa-Chapter der Coalition for Better Ads

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 17:30
Nachdem US-Verbände die Industriekoalition für bessere Werbung umbauen wollen, melden auch deutsche Verbände Nachbesserungsbedarf an. Google soll mit der Umsetzung seines Adfilters warten.

Optane-SSD für Desktop-PCs: Erste Ergebnisse zeigen hohe Geschwindigkeit

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 17:30
Intel hat heute in Frankfurt die Optane SSD 900P vorgestellt: eine SSD, die statt mit NAND-Flash mit dem neuen Speichertyp 3D XPoint arbeitet. c't konnte vorab ein Exemplar testen.

Kuka will Roboterproduktion in China verdoppeln

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 17:00
Der Augsburger Roboterhersteller Kuka will seine Produktion in Schanghai bis 2020 verdoppelt haben – was aber nicht auf Kosten des Standorts Augsburg gehen soll.

iPhone X: Alles ausverkauft – oder eBay

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 17:00
Wer nun noch Apples Top-Smartphone ergattern möchte, muss mindestens fünf Wochen warten – vermutlich länger. Alternativ kann man sich bei Onlineauktionen umsehen, natürlich mit erheblichen Preisaufschlägen.

Elektroautos: Prototyp für Crossover-SUV soll Mitsubishis Strategie verkörpern

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 17:00
Elektrifizierung, Vernetzung, künstliche Intelligenz sind Teile von Mitsubishis Strategie. Auf Tokyo Motor Show zeigt das Unternehmen, wie es sich die Umsetzung vorstellt.

Facebook startet neue Funktionen für Gruppen-Verwaltung

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 16:30
Facebook-Gruppen sind sehr beliebt, bescheren deren Administratoren aber viel Arbeit. Als Entlastung führt das soziale Netzwerk nun weitere Funktionen ein, die die Gruppen-Verwaltung erleichtern.

Konzept RoboCas: Hondas niedlicher, autonom rollender Kühlschrank

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 16:00
Auf der Tokyo Motor Show sind nicht nur Autos oder Motorräder zu sehen. Honda zeigt dort sein Konzept für einen autonom rollenden Kühlschrank.

SPIEL 17: Gesellschafts- und Videospiele finden zueinander

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 16:00
Aktuelle Brettspiel-Hits und Neuheiten gibt es bei der SPIEL 17 in Essen. Auf Deutschlands größter Messe für Gesellschaftsspiele geben sich Gamer, Designer und Verlage die Klinke, Karten und Würfel in die Hand.

Drop Guard: International PHP & JavaScript Conference - these guys sec you up!

Planet Drupal - 30. Oktober 2017 - 15:30
International PHP & JavaScript Conference - these guys sec you up!

Our CEO Manuel spoke at the IPC 2017 in Munich about DevSecOps automation. We took a look around and picked the two other security related sessions which struck our eyes.


Dip Your Toes in the Sea of Security - by James Titcumb

Drupal Planet Events Security Business

WhatsApp-Nutzer können gesendete Nachrichten löschen

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 14:00
WhatsApp-Nutzer können verschickte Nachrichten zurückrufen – allerdings nur innerhalb von sieben Minuten. Zudem müssen Absender und Empfänger die neuste Version der App installiert haben.

Künstliche Intelligenz: Nvidia nimmt GPU Cloud für AI-Entwickler in Betrieb

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 13:30
Die Container Registry Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) steht Entwicklern für Deep-Learning-Projekte ab sofort auf Amazons neuen AWS-EC2-P3-Instanzen zur Verfügung.

Studie: Die deutsche E-Government-Misere weitet sich aus

heise online Newsticker - 30. Oktober 2017 - 13:00
Die ohnehin schon niedrige Nutzungsquote bei elektronischen Verwaltungsdiensten ist 2017 genauso wie die Zufriedenheit der verbliebenen Anwender gesunken. Den neuen Personalausweis können nur fünf Prozent der Deutschen voll nutzen.