DUH wirft BMW Einsatz von Abschalteinrichtung vor

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Die Deutsche Umwelthilfe wirft BMW den Einsatz von Abschalteinrichtungen bei Dieselmodellen vor. BMW bestreitet das erwartungsgemäß vehement. Bahnt sich ein neuer Skandal an oder sucht die DUH größtmögliche Aufmerksamkeit?

qed42.com: Google Assistant Integration with Drupal

Planet Drupal - 6. Dezember 2017 - 17:26
The Rise of Assistants

In last couple of years we have seen the rise of assistants, AI is enabling our lives more and more and with help of devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, its now entering our living rooms and changing how we interact with technology. Though Assistants have been around for couple of years through android google home app, the UX is changing rapidly with home devices where now we are experiencing Conversational UI i.e. being able to talk to devices, no more typing/searching, you can now converse with your device and book a cab or play your favourite music. Though the verdict on home devices like Echo and Google home is pending, the underlying technology i.e. AI based assistants are here to stay.

In this post, we will explore Google Assistant Developer framework and how we can integrate it with Drupal.

Google Assistant works with help of Apps that define actions which in turn invokes operations to be performed on our product and services. These apps are registered with Actions on Google, which basically is a platform comprising of Apps and hence connecting different products and services via Apps. Unlike traditional mobile or desktop apps, users interact with Assistant apps through a conversation, natural-sounding back and forth exchanges (voice or text) and not traditional Click and Touch paradigms. 

The first step in the flow is understanding use requests through actions, so lets learn more about it. 

Inseln und Halligen: Schnelles Internet ist Standortfaktor

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Kostenlose WLAN-Hotspots (nicht nur) für Touristen, Telemedizin auf den Halligen oder E-Learning-Angebote in der Inselschule: Nicht nur in Metropolregionen wird schnelles Internet gebraucht.

YouTube will härter gegen verbotene Inhalte vorgehen

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Mittels Algorithmen filtert Youtube extremistische und gewalttätige Videos aus der Masse an Uploads heraus – ohne menschliche Hilfe funktioniert das Kontrollsystem aber keineswegs. YouTube will noch mehr Mitarbeiter einstellen, die Inhalte überprüfen.

US-Fluglinien verbieten "smarte" Koffer

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"Smarte" Koffer kennen ihr Gewicht, verraten ihren Aufenthaltsort und laden bei Bedarf Handys. Doch US-Fluglinien verbieten nun das Aufgeben solcher Koffer - der Akkus wegen.

Vardot: 7 Drupal Modules that Every E-commerce Website Must Have

Planet Drupal - 6. Dezember 2017 - 16:03
Dmitrii Susloparov December 6, 2017

Global e-commerce sales topped 1 trillion US dollars in 2012 for the first time in history. Industry estimates projected that sales will reach 4 trillion in 2020. As more enterprises conduct their core businesses on the Internet, Drupal has evolved from being a pure content management system to a full-fledged e-commerce site-builder. While e-commerce is not (yet) part of Drupal's core, support for it comes in the form of contributed modules.


A quick search on Drupal.org for stable, actively developed e-commerce modules generated 330 hits. Many such modules are optional for your online storefront. For example, AdSense, Affiliate Store, and Amazon Store are of no interest to you unless you want to monetize your website through advertising and affiliate marketing. Some modules such as Barcode are only relevant if your storefront requires that specific functionality.


In this post, we describe a set of 7 best-of-breed e-commerce Drupal modules which together implement the core functionalities of an online storefront. These modules focus on enterprise mission-critical operations that drive business results and have a direct impact on the bottom line.


7 E-Commerce Modules that Every Drupal Website Must Have

So let's not keep you in suspense for too long and list e-commerce modules that we at Vardot think are essential for every online shop built with Drupal:


  1. Drupal Commerce vs Ubercart

  2. Commerce Recommender / Ubercart Recommender

  3. Commerce Upsell / UC Upsell

  4. Invoice

  5. Commerce Shipping

  6. Mailjet / MailChimp E-Commerce

  7. Currency


Now let’s discuss each of the modules in particular and see why it is so great.



Drupal Commerce vs Ubercart


As I mentioned before, e-commerce is not a built-in core feature of Drupal. The easiest way to add e-commerce functionalities to your website would be installing one of 2 competing Drupal modules: Drupal Commerce vs Ubercart. The 2 modules are often described as e-commerce ecosystems or frameworks which depend on third-party modules to make them feature-complete.


Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are both excellent e-commerce frameworks with their own active developer community. Ubercart is known for being easier to configure, and being more ready to deploy out-of-the-box. In contrast, Drupal Commerce is designed to be customizable and can scale up to support large enterprise e-commerce operations.

If you operate a small business with modest e-commerce requirements and a small I.T. budget, Ubercart is a good choice. Medium to large enterprises should consider Drupal Commerce because it is flexible enough to satisfy more complex requirements, and scalable enough to support future business growth. One caveat is that you need to possess technical expertise and be prepared to spend considerable time and resources to extend Drupal Commerce to do exactly what you want. You can find a more detailed comparison of Drupal Commerce with Ubercart in this article.



Commerce Recommender/Ubercart Recommender


To optimize revenue growth in e-commerce, enterprises need to find ways to boost revenue per order. Cross selling and upselling are 2 key techniques to achieve revenue growth objectives. Commerce Recommender and Ubercart Recommender are 2 Drupal modules you should install to enable cross selling on the Drupal Commerce and Ubercart platforms, respectively.


Both modules make personalized recommendations for your web users. The recommendations are based on the user’s current order and any previous purchases. If the user is a new customer, the lack of a prior purchase history limits the recommendations that the software can make. In such a scenario, the cross selling module analyzes the purchase history of other users who previously bought the same product in the current order, and recommends products which these users also ordered in the past.



Commerce Upsell/UC Upsell


Upselling is different from cross selling in that the former entices the customer to upgrade to a more expensive product with a better profit margin, while the latter is about buying additional products such as an accessory. For upselling, Commerce Upsell and UC Upsell are the respective modules to install on the Drupal Commerce and Ubercart platforms.


The 2 modules allow site builders to define related products for upselling purposes. During a customer checkout, the software recommends product upgrades based on what products are in the shopping cart.





Invoice is a Drupal module which generates sales invoices for your online business. You can customize the format as well as the content of your invoices using template files. After instantiating your sales invoices, you can view them online as well as output them in PDF or html format.



Commerce Shipping


Your online customers can place their orders from any country in the world. Before they purchase your products, they want to know the shipping options and their associated cost. Commerce Shipping is a shipping rate calculator. It is designed as a shipping calculation platform which depends on third-party carrier-specific modules to provide the actual shipping rates. For instance, it supports UPS, FedEx and USPS through the modules Commerce UPS, Commerce FedEx, and Commerce USPS, respectively. Using rules, site administrators can configure which shipping services are available on a web store and how they are charged, including flat shipping rates.



Mailjet/MailChimp E-Commerce


Despite the phenomenal growth in social media, email marketing remains an integral part of any online marketing plan. Marketing and sales campaigns are regularly conducted by sending email to people on subscription lists. The Mailjet module supports email marketing on Drupal Commerce. Alternatively, MailChimp E-Commerce supports both Drupal Commerce and Ubercart. One e-commerce best practice is to offload email sending to third-party cloud-based email service providers. Mailjet and MailChimp E-Commerce integrate with the Mailjet and MailChimp email service providers, respectively. To use either module, you need to first sign up with the respective company. The services are free if email volume is kept below a certain threshold. Both modules enable site administrators to create email campaigns, personalize the marketing message, and track campaign effectiveness.





E-commerce reels in online customers from the farthest countries of the earth, together with their different local currencies. The online store must be able to convert product prices from the enterprise’s own preferred currency to the local currency of each customer. In addition, the newly converted local amount must be presented in a format that conforms to the customer’s regional convention. Currency is a Drupal module that specializes in converting world currencies based on stored exchange rates. In addition, this module can automatically customize the display format of price information based on the locale of each online shopper.



Summary & Conclusion

E-commerce is the key to unlocking revenue generation potential of an enterprise Drupal website. Drupal provides excellent e-commerce modules under two main technology ecosystems, Drupal Commerce and Ubercart.


While integrating the right modules is critical to providing the necessary e-commerce functionalities, site builders also need to pay attention to other important factors such as SEO and site security. SEO will bring more visitors and potential customers to a website, and site security will protect them against hackers when they transact business online. For more information about essential Drupal modules, please refer to our earlier blog posts: 5 Security Modules for Every Drupal Website and 10 SEO Modules That Every Drupal Website Must Have.


The building of an e-commerce website, that is SEO-friendly and secure, requires expertise that may be beyond the capability of many enterprises. If you require professional Drupal assistance, please contact Vardot.


Günstige Fernseher im Test: Darauf sollten Sie beim Kauf und Einsatz von TVs achten

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Was sollte man beim Fernseherkauf beachten, sind teure TVs wirklich so viel besser als günstige und wie lässt sich mehr aus einem Gerät herausholen? Antworten liefert c't im aktuellen Heft.

EU-Datenschützer nehmen massives Datenleck bei Uber unter die Lupe

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Die Gruppe der EU-Datenschutzbeauftragten hat eine Sondereinheit unter niederländischer Führung eingerichtet, die den Diebstahl personenbezogener Informationen von 57 Millionen Nutzern der Uber-App untersuchen soll.

InternetDevels: Looking for “your” CSM: a glimpse at migration from Drupal to WordPress

Planet Drupal - 6. Dezember 2017 - 15:17

Hearing the words “migration from Drupal to WordPress”, some Drupal developers would shrug their shoulders and WordPress developers would applaud. However, there is no place for rivalry, even for such life-long competition as that between Drupal and WordPress, where the most important result is an absolutely happy customer. For every case, there is a platform that fits a website like a glove.

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Coffee-Lake-CPU läuft im Z170-Board

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Laut Intel funktionieren Prozessoren der i-8000-Generation nur in Mainboards mit Z370-Chipsatz. Ein Bastler will nun dennoch einen solchen Coffee-Lake-Prozessor in einem Z170-Mainboard zum Laufen gebracht haben.

E-Government: EU-Länder einigen sich auf grenzüberschreitendes Verwaltungsportal

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Wichtige Verwaltungsverfahren etwa für die Kfz-Anmeldung oder zur Firmenregistrierung sollen Nutzern in der EU künftig grenzüberschreitend online zur Verfügung stehen. Persönliche Daten müssen bei Behörden nur einmal angeben werden.

Schlag gegen global agierendes Andromeda-Botnetz

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Ermittler haben das Andromeda-Botnetz lahmgelegt, zu dem weltweit mehrere Millionen gekaperte Rechner gehörten. Die entsprechende Schadsoftware wurde durch infizierte Dokumente und Drive-by-Downloads verteilt.

Mozilla und Yahoo: Rechsstreit nach Beendigung der Zusammenarbeit

heise online Newsticker - 6. Dezember 2017 - 14:30
Browserentwickler Mozilla und Suchmaschinenanbieter Yahoo liefern sich einen Rechtsstreit. Im Zuge der Vertragskündigung von Mozilla, die Yahoo als voreingestellte Suchmaschine in Firefox abschaffte, verklagen sich nun beide Unternehmen auf Vertragsbruch.

Showdown fällt aus: Springer und Burda einigen sich im Streit um Content-Klau

heise online Newsticker - 6. Dezember 2017 - 14:30
Kein Schlagabtausch vor Gericht: Nach langem öffentlichem Streit haben die Verlage im Streit um exklusive Inhalte von Bild.de eine außergerichtliche Einigung erreicht. Zu den Details schweigen sie sich aus.

TACNET 4.0: Industriekonsortium entwickelt System für echtzeitfähige Industrievernetzung

heise online Newsticker - 6. Dezember 2017 - 14:00
Im TACNET-Projekt wollen 14 Partner aus Industrie und Forschung ihre Kräfte bündeln, um unter anderem ein einheitliches System für die industrielle Echtzeitkommunikation auf Basis des kommenden 5G-Mobilfunks zu entwickeln.

Apple mustert 2011er Mac mini aus

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Der Mac mini Baujahr "Mitte 2011" gilt für Apple nun als obsolet – Reparatur und Ersatzteile gibt es beim Hersteller somit nicht mehr.

Smarter Lautsprecher Sony LF-S50G im Test: mit Google, aber ohne AUX

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Sony bringt mit dem LF-S50G einen Smartspeaker mit Google Assistant auf den Markt. TechStage hat den Lautsprecher getestet und verrät, wie gut die Integration des Sprachassistenten funktioniert und wo die Unterschiede zu Googles Home Mini liegen.

Volkswagen-Tochter Moia stellt Elektro-Fahrzeug für Sammelfahrten vor

heise online Newsticker - 6. Dezember 2017 - 13:30
Der Volkswagen-Konzern will für weniger Autos auf den Straßen sorgen – zumindest in den überfüllten Metropolen: In Berlin stellte die Volkswagen-Tochter Moia ein Elektro-Fahrzeug vor, das als zeitgemäßes Sammeltaxi dienen soll.

Agiledrop.com Blog: AGILEDROP: Top Drupal blog posts from November

Planet Drupal - 6. Dezember 2017 - 13:22
November said farewell from us and the autumn will follow soon as well. Winter is knocking at our door, bringing Holidays, full of gifts.  Before we start enjoying December’s atmosphere, let's look back at the best Drupal blog posts from November.   Let's begin with a blog by Tim Broeker from the Electric citizen with the title Drupal 8 DevOps: Automation for happier teams and clients. It talks about how and what benefits we can use with the solid DevOps strategy. It provides us with better projects and satisfied customers, without needing any major financial contribution.   A second spot… READ MORE

Monopolkommission: Glasfaser-Ausbau mit Gutscheinen für Nutzer fördern

heise online Newsticker - 6. Dezember 2017 - 13:00
Bessere Rahmenbedingungen sollen den privaten Breitbandausbau voranbringen und Doppelinvestitionen vermeiden, fordert die Monopolkommission. Wo die Nachfrage fehle, seien „Gigabit-Vouchers” empfehlenswert.