USA vs. Huawei und ZTE: FCC stellt Weichen für Einkaufssperre

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 18:30
Der Konflikt zwischen den Vereinigten Staaten und chinesischen Herstellern von Kommunikationstechnik spitzt sich weiter zu. Die FCC treibt nun einen Plan voran, demzufolge viele US-Provider keine Technik mehr von Huawei kaufen dürften.

OhTheHugeManatee: Drupal Does Face Recognition: Introducing Image Auto Tag Module

Planet Drupal - 19. April 2018 - 18:06

Last week I wrote a Drupal module that uses face recognition to automatically tag images with the people in them. You can find it on Github, of course. With this module, you can add an image to a node, and automatically populate an entity_reference field with the names of the people in the image. This isn’t such a big deal for individual nodes of course; it’s really interesting for bulk use cases, like Digital Asset Management systems.

I had a great time at Drupalcon Nashville, reconnecting with friends, mentors, and colleagues as always. But this time I had some fresh perspective. After 3 months working with Microsoft’s (badass) CSE unit – building cutting edge proofs-of-concept for some of their biggest customers – the contrast was powerful. The Drupal core development team are famously obsessive about code quality and about optimizing the experience for developers and users. The velocity in the platform is truly amazing. But we’re missing out on a lot of the recent stuff that large organizations are building in their more custom applications. You may have noticed the same: all the cool kids are posting about Machine Learning, sentiment analysis, and computer vision. We don’t see any of that at Drupalcon.

There’s no reason to miss out on this stuff, though. Services like Azure are making it extremely easy to do all of these things, layering simple HTTP-based APIs on top of the complexity. As far as I can tell, the biggest obstacle is that there aren’t well defined standards for how to interact with these kinds of services, so it’s hard to make a generic module for them. This isn’t like the Lucene/Solr/ElasticSearch world, where one set of syntax – indeed, one model of how to think of content and communicate with a search-specialized service – has come to dominate. Great modules like search_api depend on these conceptual similarities between backends, and they just don’t exist yet for cognitive services.

So I set out to try and explore those problems in a Drupal module.

Image Auto Tag is my first experiment. It works, and I encourage you to play around with it, but please don’t even think of using it in production yet. It’s a starting point for how we might build an analog to the great search_api framework, for cognitive services rather than search.

I built it on Azure’s Cognitive Services Face API to start. Since the service is free for up to 5000 requests per month, this seemed like a place that most Drupalists would feel comfortable playing. Next up I’ll abstract the Azure portion of it into a plugin system, and try to define a common interface that makes sense whether it’s referring to Azure cognitive services, or a self-hosted, open source system like OpenFace. That’s the actual “hard work”.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to make this more robust with more tests, an easier UI, asynchronous operations, and so on. At a minimum it’ll become a solid “Azure Face Detection” module for Drupal, but I would love to make it more generally useful than that.

Comments, Issues, and helpful PRs are welcome.

iOS 11.3: Fahrzeugintegration CarPlay macht Probleme

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 18:00
Nutzer berichten von schlechter Sprachqualität beim Telefonieren, einfrierenden Bildschirmen und Verbindungsproblemen. Die Rückkehr zu iOS 11.2.6 hat Apple mittlerweile verbaut.

Acro Media: One Entry Point - Commerce for Online and Real World Transactions

Planet Drupal - 19. April 2018 - 18:00

DrupalCon Nashville 2018 Session

Join Acro Media's technical Drupal Commerce veteran, Josh Miller (all things programming) and Business Developer, Becky Parisotto (all things business) as they walk through the wild world of physical commerce that is powered by and paired with a Drupal web interface. Both Josh and Becky work together with a number of physical commerce clients. Through our client’s requirements, we have gained a better understanding of the iceberg that is building an interface for retail, and allowing for that true omni-channel experience for both customer, and (sometimes more importantly) the business owner.

Josh will review the state of Point of Sale as it integrates with Drupal Commerce 2 on Drupal 8, compare and contrast fulfillment in the new shipping and inventory modules, and talk about a new module that handles requesting products from your suppliers and updates store stock when its received. Additionally, Becky will walk us through what Drupal Commerce is capable of in the way of “powering your business” and truly being the end to end backend brain for finances, accounting, product management, customer management, shipping, fulfillment, stock, inventory and community. Drupal Commerce is a big box of legos, come and learn how we build fully integrated businesses, from the web to the storefront to the back of house, to the warehouse, and more.

This is meant to be a practical review with easy to digest client examples and micro case studies of how we merge an online tool with a physical store. Setting clients in digital stone, all powered by Drupal.

Talk to us

Acro Media is a Drupal Commerce development agency that specializes in enterprise-level ecommerce. We are committed to building strong strategic partnerships and using our ecommerce expertise to help clients create a dynamic web presence that engages audiences, generates revenue, and boosts brand awareness.

Hannover Messe: Microsoft fordert mehr Tempo bei der Digitalisierung

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 17:30
Microsoft fordert die deutsche Industrie auf, bei der Digitalisierung stärker auf die Tube zu drücken, um im internationalen Wettbewerb bestehen zu können. Der Staat soll ebenfalls seine Digitalisierungsbemühungen vorantreiben – und dabei Vorbild sein.

Sooper Drupal Themes: CKEditor 4 security update and your SooperThemes products (Most Drupal 7 sites not at risk)

Planet Drupal - 19. April 2018 - 17:25

I got word of concerns about the recent CKEditor 4 vulnerability that is responsible for a moderately critical vulnerability in Drupal 8. Rest assured that most Drupal 7 sites are not in danger. While both the Glazed Builder module and the Glazed installation profiles include their own copy of CKEditor 4, this vulnerability exists in an optional image plugin for CKEditor 4 "image2" that is not included in the default package of CKEditor 4 that our products carry. 

The only Drupal 7 websites that are affected by this vulnerability are sites that use a custom build of CKEditor that explicitly includes the image2 plugin.

Drupal 8 does include this additional plugin, which is why Drupal 8 users should update to 8.5.2 immediately. For Drupal 7 users the commotion has actually sparked some positive deveopment: the Drupal 7 WYSIWYG module has pushed a release that supports the latest CKEditor 4.9.2. This means I can update all SooperThemes products to CKEditor 4.9.2 and this brings us a number of bug fixes and improvements to inline editing. This update will be available tuesday.

The latest CKEditor reportedly also dropped it's reliance on the eval() function which means we can start using better Content Security Policy headers that include the unsafe-eval directive on Drupal 7 sites.

SooperThemes Drupal 8.x-1.0 Release Planned Tuesday

After 13 months of intensive development, testing, and preparation of our product infrastructure we're finally launching our Drupal 8 page builder module and themes tuesday! In the past few weeks I've been learning a ton by talking to customers about what they like and dislike about Sooperthemes and especially the drag and drop builder. If you have any feedback or ideas for future development of and our products just leave a comment here or use the contact form!

Update The Wording Of How Our Pricing Works: Pay Once To Use For Life. Optionally Renew Yearly For Support & Updates.

I've also updated the pricing information to reflect the fact that you can pay once to download all our products and use them forever. This is how SooperThemes subscriptions have always worked. This was apparently not clear from the information and marketing communication on the website. You pay once and only renew if you wish to receive continued support and product updates. This subscription based payment concept is really what has made SooperThemes a success over the past 3 years and the increased stability in revenue is what gave me the confidence to continue investing all my energy and money in developing the Glazed Builder module and our next generation themes for both Drupal 7 and 8. I also think it's fair to users of the product that they pay a small yearly contribution to continue getting support and product updates because the products are continuously in flux. Subscribers may stop the subscription at any time and continue using the products without support services.

Acro Media: How Memory Works in PHP and Its Hidden Costs

Planet Drupal - 19. April 2018 - 17:24

DrupalCon Nashville 2018 Session

Join Shawn McCabe, Acro Media CTO, as he goes behind the scenes and teaches a bit about how PHP uses memory when it runs your code. PHP's ease of use and low barrier to entry also have some side effects to how memory is used, sometimes using memory differently and in places you didn't expect. If you're doing small pages that load quickly, for a low traffic site, this probably won't even be noticeable unless things go quite wrong. Once you get into heavy pages on high traffic sites, or even worse, long running background processes, then knowing a bit more about the memory you're using can help a lot.

In PHP, variables have a lot of meta-data they need to store, since they can be any size and of any type. They need all this meta data to store information like how much data they hold, what type of data it is and how it is stored. Often this "hidden" meta data cost will use more memory than the actual info you are storing, although recent versions of PHP have improved on this.

The idea isn't to learn every low level detail, just to have a little knowledge of what is happening with memory usage when you're programming so you can be cognizant of the choices you make and a bit more efficient in your usage.

Hopefully this talk will be interesting to even experienced developers, but you only need some programming basics to follow along.

Talk to us

Acro Media is a Drupal Commerce development agency that specializes in enterprise-level ecommerce. We are committed to building strong strategic partnerships and using our ecommerce expertise to help clients create a dynamic web presence that engages audiences, generates revenue, and boosts brand awareness.

Facebook: Eltern sollen Angaben jugendlicher Nutzer freigeben

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 17:00
Facebook kündigt die nächsten Schritte zur Umsetzung der ab Ende Mai greifenden EU-Datenschutzverordnung an. Diesmal geht es unter anderem um den Schutz von Jugendlichen und die Rückkehr der Gesichtserkennung in Europa.

Commerce Guys: Introducing the Cart API for Drupal Commerce

Planet Drupal - 19. April 2018 - 16:36

At the end of February, I began working on an series of API endpoints that would allow for a progressively decoupled cart experience. There are a few reasons why we decided that Drupal Commerce needed an API solely for the cart.

  1. Performance: when a cart block is rendered on the server it has complicated cache metadata. Cart block contents vary per user and change too often to be cached effectively. As such these blocks incur heavy logic and rendering costs.
  2. Flexibility: modern consumers expect interfaces to be more reactive and match common UX patterns. These patterns almost always require client-side implementation using JavaScript that communicates to backend APIs.

In my last blog I brought up why the API-First and JavaScript Modernization initiatives matter to Drupal Commerce. I wanted to target something limited in scope that would provide big wins for Drupal Commerce users as we ventured into the fully and progressively decoupled Drupal realm.

As a result, we now have the Commerce Cart API module. Our first implementation will be the Commerce Cart Flyout module, which uses the RESTful endpoints provided by the Cart API module to create the dynamic cart interface shown in the sample animation below.

This moves us decidedly down the path of providing Drupal Commerce users with progressively decoupled components that improve the customer experience. In a following blog post, I’ll going to write about what it was like to build this module. (Hint: we didn’t “just do it” and release it into the namespace.)

I am planning on experimenting with more areas that we can perform progressive decoupling and look forward to connecting with folks about the topic at Decoupled Drupal Days in August. You should meet me there to join in the conversation!

Googles Dialogflow Enterprise Edition allgemein verfügbar

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 16:30
Die aus API.AI hervorgegagene Plattform für Natural Language Processing bekommt zum Release unter anderem ein Analysewerkzeug und eine Library zum Erstellen von Anwendungen für Google Assistant.

c't Security jetzt online vorbestellbar

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 16:00
Das Thema Sicherheit sollte jeden Computer- und Smartphone-Benutzer zumindest ein wenig umtreiben, um keine leichte Beute von Kriminellen zu werden. Denn deren Geschäfte brummen, wie der Blick hinter die Kulissen in unserem Security-Sonderheft zeigt.

Microsoft vs. USA: Supreme Court entscheidet nicht über internationalen Datenzugriff

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 16:00
Seit 2013 wehrte sich Microsoft gerichtlich dagegen, in Irland gespeicherte Daten unter Umgehung irischer Gerichte an US-Behörden zu übergeben. Der Supreme Court hat nun das Verfahren eingestellt, womit Microsoft gewonnen hat. Es ist ein Pyrrhussieg.

IBM enttäuscht Anleger trotz erneutem Umsatzplus

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 15:30
IBM hat in den letzten Jahren harte Zeiten durchgemacht. Der Konzernumbau verschlingt dabei große Summen. Trotz höheren Umsatzes bleibt unterm Strich weniger übrig – das missfällt den Anlegern.

Specbee: Drupal CMS : Redefining the Future of Digital Healthcare

Planet Drupal - 19. April 2018 - 15:25

I recently stumbled upon an article which stated some facts on technology and its impact on one of the biggest sectors in the world - Healthcare. I was taken by surprise to know that a survey which engaged patients of all varieties, stated that two thirds of them had not been in a discussion with the doctors about their own treatment, more than 35% did not have a clear picture about the goals of their treatment, and 20% received a conflicting information from different professionals.

BSI trifft Abwehrmaßnahmen nach FBI-Warnung vor russischen Hackern

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 15:00
Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik reagiert auf die Warnungen unter anderem des FBI vor russischen Hackerangriffen und hat über das Nationale Cyberabwehrzentrum geeignete Maßnahmen eingeleitet.

re:publica: Netzfestival zwischen Fakten und Fake, Haltung und Hass

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 15:00
Der Zeitplan für die Internetkonferenz re:publica steht und verspricht ein dichtes Programm rund um Techniktrends, Netzpolitik und Aufreger aus der Online- und Medienkultur. Die Revolution wird erneut vertagt, darf aber ihre Kinder dissen.

Plastikmüll: Reinigungsanlage statt China-Export

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 14:30
Bislang wurden große Mengen deutschen Mülls nach Fernost verbracht – doch das ist nicht länger erlaubt. Mit neuen Verfahren soll das Plastik hierzulande nutzbar werden.

iX 5/2018: Was Unternehmen für die DSGVO jetzt noch anpacken müssen

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 14:00
Am 25. Mai treten die Vorgaben der neuen EU-DSGVO in Kraft. Auf welche Bereiche Verantwortliche besonders achten müssen, erklärt die neue iX 5/2018.

Elektronische Beweise: EU-Kommission will Zugriff auf Daten in der Cloud deutlich erleichtern

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 14:00
Europäische Polizei- und Justizbehörden sollen bald schier weltweit direkt bei Diensteanbietern elektronische Beweismittel wie E-Mails oder in der Cloud gespeicherte Dokumente anfordern können, in Notfällen binnen sechs Stunden.

Verbessertes Bakterien-Enzym verdaut Plastikflaschen

heise online Newsticker - 19. April 2018 - 14:00
Vor zwei Jahren entdeckten japanische Forscher mutierte Bakterien, die sich von Plastikflaschen ernähren. Jetzt haben britische und US-Wissenschaftler eine optimierte Enzymvariante gefunden, die PET um ein Vielfaches schneller zersetzt.