Zhilevan Blog: What's new in Drupal 8.5

Planet Drupal - 7. Februar 2018 - 8:48
  It's long time Drupal 8 has been released, it's in the middle of the way but it's going to get matured. Drupal 8.5 is going to release on  March 7, 2018. good features are going to released, significant improvements. you can the list of them Drupal Core RoadMap(8.5 + 8.6)   

#OpLastResort: Hacker Lauri Love wird nicht an die USA ausgeliefert

heise online Newsticker - 7. Februar 2018 - 8:30
Der Londoner High Court hat der Berufung des britisch-finnischen Hackers Lauri Love stattgegeben. Für den 32-Jährigen ist die Auslieferung an die USA damit vom Tisch, allerdings dürfte er sich den Vorwürfen nun vor einem britischen Gericht stellen müssen.

Schnelles Internet für Flugzeuge in Europa ist startklar

heise online Newsticker - 7. Februar 2018 - 8:00
Die Telekom, Inmarsat und Nokia haben das European Aviation Network (EAN) fertiggestellt, das Flugpassagieren europaweit einen leistungsfähigen Internetzugang bereitstellt. Passagiere sollen den Dienst noch im ersten Halbjahr 2018 nutzen können.

Apple stört sich an Emoji-Verwendung in Apps

heise online Newsticker - 7. Februar 2018 - 8:00
Apple hat iPhone-Apps zurückgewiesen, die auf in das Betriebssystem integrierte Emoji zurückgreifen, etwa für Screenshots oder als Icons in der Bedienoberfläche. Der Konzern sieht dies offenbar als Urheberrechtsverletzung.

ADCI Solutions: Cloud hosting platforms. Part two: Acquia Cloud

Planet Drupal - 7. Februar 2018 - 5:32

Acquia Cloud is one of the modern hosting platforms that can enhance your work in a number of ways. If you consider yourself a good Drupal developer, you must know what possibilities Acquia Cloud provides.

Isolated environments, git support, extensive documentation, and even the Acquia Insight tool for website’s performance evaluation - Acquia Cloud has it all.


Learn more about Acquia Cloud


PreviousNext: New in core: a layout builder for Drupal 8.5.0

Planet Drupal - 7. Februar 2018 - 3:14

Drupal 8.5.0 will come with a new experimental module, Layout Builder.

What is layout builder? Well its basically panelizer in core.

Watch the screencast for a quick run down of how to setup, configure and use it.

by Lee Rowlands / 7 February 2018 Tagged Drupal 8, Layouts, Blocks

Falcon Heavy ist gestartet

heise online Newsticker - 7. Februar 2018 - 0:30
Die Welt hat eine neue leistungsstärkste Rakete: SpaceX' Falcon Heavy hat Dienstagabend ihren ersten Testflug absolviert. Die Rakete startete um 15:45 Uhr Ortszeit Florida.

Universaldienst: Große Koalition will Recht auf schnelles Internet bis 2025 schaffen

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 23:00
Schwarz-Rot hat sich darauf geeinigt, einen Anspruch auf "Breitband für alle" zu schaffen - aber wohl erst in der nächsten Legislaturperiode. Branchenverbände laufen Sturm gegen die Universaldienst-Verpflichtung.

DrupalCon News: Sneak peek at DrupalCon Speakers

Planet Drupal - 6. Februar 2018 - 20:41

Our full session list will be announced on February 21 - but we just couldn’t wait to tell you about a few of the sessions that have us really excited.

Aten Design Group: Drupal 8 Views: Entity Reference Exposed Filter as a Select List

Planet Drupal - 6. Februar 2018 - 19:18

I have two content types: Art and Artist. The first content type, Art, has an entity reference field to the second content type, Artist. I have a view named “Art” which shows all Art content with an exposed “Artist” filter that lets a user pare down their results. For example, a user might use the “Artist” filter to only show art by Cleon Peterson. By default this exposed filter will be rendered by Views as an empty text input, which is pretty much entirely useless! Users may not know of Cleon Peterson and wouldn’t know to search for him.

A much better solution would be to show the options available for this filter as a select list.

This is exactly the problem I was faced with while working on The Octopus Initiative, a soon-to-launch Drupal 8 project by the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver that allows citizens of Denver the opportunity to take art from the museum home with them.

The solution

Let’s jump into the code.  You’ll need to either create a new module or add the code below from mca_artwork.module to the .module file of an existing one.  I created a new module called “MCA Artwork” and placed it in my project’s modules/custom directory.  My file structure looks like this:

- mca_artwork - mca_artwork.info.yml - mca_artwork.module

Here’s my mca_artwork.info.yml:

name: MCA Artwork type: module description: Customizes Artwork Display core: 8.x package: Custom

And here’s the mca_artwork.module file, where the magic happens:

<?php   /** * @file * Contains mca_artwork.module. */   use Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface;   /** * Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter(). * * Alters the artist options on artwork pages. */ function mca_artwork_form_views_exposed_form_alter(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {   // If not the view we are looking, move on if ($form['#id'] != 'views-exposed-form-the-art-block-1') { return FALSE; }   // Query nodes $storage = Drupal::getContainer()->get('entity_type.manager')->getStorage('node'); $nids = $storage->getQuery();   // Gather published artist nodes and sort by title $nids = $nids->condition('type', 'artist') ->condition('status', 1) ->sort('title') ->execute();   // If there are no nodes, move on if (!$nids) { return FALSE; }   // Start building out the options for our select list $options = []; $nodes = $storage->loadMultiple($nids);   // Push titles into select list foreach ($nodes as $node) { $options[$node->id()] = $node->getTitle(); }   // Start building out our new form element $artist_field = 'artist'; $form[$artist_field]['#type'] = 'select'; $form[$artist_field]['#multiple'] = FALSE;   // Specify the empty option for our select list $form[$artist_field]['#empty_option'] = t('Artist');   // Add the $options from above to our select list $form[$artist_field]['#options'] = $options; unset($form[$artist_field]['#size']); }

If you read through the comments in the above code, you’ll see we are essentially doing the following things:

  1. We load all published artist nodes, sorted by name
  2. We create an array of Artist names keyed by node id. These will be our select list options.
  3. We change the existing artist form input to a select list and populate it with our new options array.

It turns out this is a common UX need in Drupal 8 Views.  My comrade at Aten, John Ferris, also ran across this problem for a recently-launched Drupal 8 project he worked on for the Center for Court Innovation, a non-profit seeking to to create positive reforms in the criminal justice system.  The code snippet for The Octopus Initiative was largely adapted from his work on the Center for Court Innovation.

For the Center for Court Innovation site, the Chosen JS library was added to provide an interface for searching through a larger list of items.

In summary, the module I created for The Octopus Initiative provides a useful UX over what Drupal Views offers out-of-the-box.  If you have a larger number of items in your select list, then you may consider adding something like Chosen JS to make it easier to sort through, as was done for the Center for Court innovation.  Whatever you do, don't leave your users stranded with an empty text element!

Showfloor der Cisco Live: Netzwerkgeräte und ihr Management überwachen

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 19:00
Neben Cisco selbst zeigten auf der Hausmesse des Konzern auch viele kleinere Hersteller ihre Entwicklungen. iX hat sich umgesehen und stellt interessante Neuigkeiten vor.

Acro Media: Introducing the Urban Hipster (UH) Demo for Drupal Commerce 2

Planet Drupal - 6. Februar 2018 - 18:51

Because Drupal has so many options and so much flexibility, it can be a bit intimidating to newcomers. It doesn't show you examples of what it can do, and it kind of seems to do nothing by default. We realized people needed to be shown just how cool it really is, so we built a demo site to do just that. Check it out here: http://commerce.acromedia.com

The setup

We focused on making it only with out-of-the-box stuff, restricting ourselves to the features and functionality that exist within Drupal Commerce ecosystem itself. No custom code or modifications other than normal theming. That's right: Using only what's available out there now, we came up with a pretty amazing ecommerce site, if we do say so ourselves.

One caveat: we did make a custom theme for the demo, which you'll probably want to do anyway. There are the default Drupal themes, but most people are going to want to create a custom one. But that's a relatively simple task for a front-end developer; you don't need a back-end developer as well.

All the other setup can be done through basic Drupal UI point-and-click configuration. If you're somewhat savvy with configuring Drupal, you can do it all yourself in a very short time, and produce a truly phenomenal site.

Sometimes you need some guidance

Many people wonder how it could possibly be so easy. We've been getting a lot of questions like, "How did you build this big amazing catalog?" And the truth is we didn't actually do that much. We just enabled and configured the functionality that was already available. Drupal has this great Search API (and associated modules, Solr and Facets) that lets you do a ton of search customizations for anything that's stored in Drupal (blog articles, users, products, whatever), so all you have to do is tweak the configurations and you get this amazing catalog.

It's not that hard, but it's not that intuitive either; you just need a little guidance and direction. Sometimes just seeing an example is enough to make you realize how easy it can be. And that's exactly what the demo provides. It features a checkout, tax configurations, some shipping options, and even a sample payment system. You can click around and check it out without fear of breaking things, the database resets every night.

When you go to the demo site initially, a popup is preseted with a bunch of guided tours, but you are of course free to ignore that and just play around with it yourself. We're also releasing a bunch of tutorial videos to help you. We also have a resources page that shows a lot of the different features you can check out.

Plus, all the source code for the demo, including the custom theme, is available on GitHub. Within the repo is a full database dump so you can set up the entire thing yourself locally (see the README.md). AND one of the Commerce module maintainers, Bojan Živanović, is taking some of the content and configuration from the demo and turning it into an installable demo store module.

It's seriously awesome. Check it out!

Chat with us

If you'd like a personalized tour to discuss how Drupal Commerce fits into your omnichannel solution, give us a shout. We're happy to show and tell.

.NET Core 2.1: Microsoft kündigt neue Funktionen an

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 18:30
Die Entwicklungsteams von .NET Core, ASP.NET Core und Entity Framework Core haben für die kommende Version 2.1 zahlreiche Verbesserungen angekündigt. Insbesondere im OR-Mapper schließt Microsoft einige der gravierenden Lücken.

Warnung von Ex-Mitarbeitern: Facebook, Google & Co. machen süchtig und gefährden die Gesellschaft

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 17:30
Die Kritik an den großen US-Internetdiensten wird immer lauter. Eine ganze Reihe ehemaliger Mitarbeiter hat sich nun verbündet, um deutlich zu machen, wie Facebook & Co. uns geradezu süchtig machen. Die Regeln müssten deswegen geändert werden.

Samsung-Erbe Lee Jae Yong auf Bewährung frei

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 17:30
Der wegen Korruption zu fünf Jahren Haft verurteilte Erbe und Vize-Vorsitzende von Samsung Electronics kommt nach fünf Monaten Haft auf Bewährung frei.

Union und SPD wollen den E-Sport fördern, E-Sport könnte olympisch werden

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 17:30
Die potenzielle Große Koalition aus CDU/CSU und SPD will den E-Sport stärken. Darauf hatten sich Unterhändler der Arbeitsgruppe "Digitales" geeinigt.

Daten in Bakterien-DNA speichern und abrufen

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 17:00
Das Konzept, DNA zur Speicherung von Daten zu verwenden, ist angesichts ihrer enormen Kapazität verlockend. Ein Forscher-Team ist seiner Realisierung jetzt einen Schritt näher gekommen.

Apple Music könnte Spotify überholen – zumindest in den USA

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 16:30
Quellen aus der Musikindustrie zufolge setzt der Streamingdienst des iPhone-Herstellers zum Überholmanöver gegen den großen Konkurrenten an. Auch neue, weltweite Abozahlen wurden bekannt.

c't Fotografie Spezial: Meisterklasse Reisefotografie jetzt am Kiosk erhältlich

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 16:30
Fremde Kulturen und ferne Landschaften: In der neuen c't Fotografie Meisterklasse dreht sich alles um das Reisen mit der Kamera. Wir stellen passendes Equipment vor und zeigen, wie Sie auch in ungewohnten Aufnahmesituationen überzeugende Bilder schießen.

GoDaddy startet deutsche Webhosting-Angebote

heise online Newsticker - 6. Februar 2018 - 16:30
Der US-Konzern GoDaddy bietet eine lokalisierte Version seines Baukasten-Hostings nun auch in Deutschland an. Er spricht damit kleine Unternehmen an.