Intel Xeon W: Workstation-Prozessoren mit bis zu 18 Kernen

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 18:30
Intel stellt zahlreiche Workstation-Prozessoren der neuen Xeon-W-Serie vor. Sie enthalten vier bis 18 Kerne, unterstützen ECC-Speicher und bis zu 512 GByte RAM.

EU-Kartellstrafe: Google macht erste Zugeständnisse

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 18:00
Nachdem die EU-Kommission Google im Juni eine Rekordstrafe auferlegt hat, weil der US-Konzern seine marktbeherrschende Stellung missbraucht haben solle, macht Google nun erste Zusagen. Wie genau Google das Fehlverhalten korrigieren will, ist unklar.

Auswahl an strahlungsarmen Handys steigt

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 17:30
Immer weniger Smartphones überschreiten einen SAR-Wert von 0,6 Watt. Mittlerweile gelten 40 Prozent aller Mobiltelefone als strahlungsarm.

ESA-Satelliten liefern Daten für Satellitenkarte der Welt ohne Wolken

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 17:30
Zwei ESA-Satelliten zur Erdbeobachtung haben einer österreichischen Firma Daten für eine Satellitenaufnahme der ganzen Welt geliefert, auf der keine Wolken stören. Eventuell kann die sogar jährlich erstellt werden.

Googles Augmented Reality: Tango ist tot, es lebe ARCore

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 17:30
Da hat Google offenbar Muffensausen vor Apples ARKit bekommen: Statt auf die ambitionierte Augmented-Reality-Plattform Tango legt Google seinen Fokus nun auf das neue, technisch einfachere ARCore-System.

Drupal Association blog: Kickstarting the Drupal Community Spotlight

Planet Drupal - 31. August 2017 - 17:23

Let's face it, it's been a crappy year in many ways. Internally and externally there are pressures that have made all of us think "what's the point?"

Instead of a world where we build and move forward together there is conflict, uncertainty, and so many why moments. From the macro to the micro, communities and ecosystems are struggling. The ideals of open source software often feel exploited, and the feeling of wonderment and discovery as we build together has been cast aside to something that feels very much like... well, work.

Drupal has not been immune. Like I need to tell you that.

For those of us that are optimists, and change makers, and idealists, and believers, nothing hits home the impact of our work than stories about how we use this code called Drupal to create impact. I think the world needs a little of that right now.

So, we have a team, we have energy and we are ready to shine the crap out of the brilliance of the people behind, in front, and to the side of Drupal.

I for one am looking forward to us injecting so much positivity into this community that even the chronic eye rollers won’t be able to help but give a slight smile.

A highlight of DrupalCon: the live code commit! Photo by Michael Cannon

The first thing we are working on is getting a way to start collecting stories. We might use a form. Or we might build an entire website. Just coz we can. So how about y’all give me a *whoop* *whoop* and start thinking about helping the Drupal Spotlight Committee unlock stories of Drupal impact from across the globe. It’s going to be fun.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle angespielt: Klempner kloppt Karnickel

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 17:00
Noch hält sich die Auswahl an Spielen für Nintendos Switch in Grenzen. Mit "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" hat Ubisoft nun ein Spiel rausgebracht, bei dem die Namen im Titel Kaufanreize schaffen dürften. Wir haben uns ins Pilz-Königreich aufgemacht.

Skype integriert Code-Editor für Bewerbungsgespräche

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 17:00
Skype vereinfacht Bewerbungsgespräche für Programmierer mit einem eingebauten Code-Editor, der sieben populäre Sprachen unterstützt. Damit können Unternehmen sofort die Fähigkeiten eines Bewerbers testen. Ein Skype-Konto ist dazu nicht nötig.

WD steigert die Kapazität von MicroSD-Karten

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 16:30
Die neue MicroSD-Karte erscheint unter dem SanDisk-Label und bietet 400 GByte Speicherkapazität. In modernen Smartphones sollte die Karte einfach laufen.

Medion: Neuer Alexa-Lautsprecher funktioniert auch kabellos

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 16:30
Medion zeigt zur IFA einen eigenen Alexa-Lautsprecher mit Multiroom-Musikwiedergabe. Der P61110 kann über WLAN oder Bluetooth angesteuert werden und funktioniert kabellos.

Acquia Developer Center Blog: Building an Open Source Photo Gallery with Face and Object Recognition (Part 2)

Planet Drupal - 31. August 2017 - 16:10

In part one of this two-part series, I explained why my Hackathon team wanted to build an open source photo gallery in Drupal 8, and integrate it with Amazon S3, Rekognition, and Lambda for face and object recognition.

In this post, I'll detail how we built it, then how you can set it up, too!

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WireX: Botnetz mit hunderttausenden Android-Geräten ausgeschaltet

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 16:00
Ein riesiges Android-Botnetz mit Geräten aus über einhundert Ländern wurde lahmgelegt. Google entfernte die trojanisierten Apps aus dem Play Store und deinstallierte diese ebenfalls auf den Geräten der Anwender.

FFW Agency: What Is Decoupled Drupal and Why Is It Important?

Planet Drupal - 31. August 2017 - 15:40
What Is Decoupled Drupal and Why Is It Important? David Hernandez Thu, 08/31/2017 - 13:40

The web has no shortage of digital trends that will pop up on your radar, and one whose momentum has increased over the last couple years is decoupling. In simple terms, the concept of decoupling means separating the frontend of your website from the backend. This means the components of a site that a visitor sees and interacts with (menus, page content, widgets) are built and displayed by software running in the web browser. The backend software, running on the server, accepts requests from the frontend for these different page components and returns them as essentially raw data.

With this full separation of concerns, each half of the website can focus on what it does best; the backend focusing on business logic and retrieval of data, the frontend focusing on display and user experience.

How Do We Achieve This?

This is where JavaScript frontend frameworks come into play. Popular ones include Angular, which we at FFW have used quite successfully on projects, or React, Ember, and many others too numerous to count. These frameworks enable a skilled developer to build a complex and highly interactive frontend without constant page refreshes that require the full attention of the backend.

To do this, it helps to have a powerful and flexible content management system, which doesn’t require lots of custom programming and reinvention of the wheel. This is where Drupal comes in. We’ve done this quite successfully with Drupal due to its robust and flexible API. Drupal 8 pushes this even further with its API first approach, and superior set of APIs.

Things like the built-in RESTful web services and superior content modeling tools do most of the work of building that backend system. Eventually the backend will communicate effortlessly with frontend systems and other applications and third-party service. This makes Drupal an effective content hub for distributing your content to any application that needs it.

Pros and Cons

When introducing anything new there are various factors to consider. A decoupled fronted can improve perceived performance and enhance interactivity. It can also do something very difficult with a fully baked content management system, where all rendering is handled by the backend. It enables developers and development teams to design and build a frontend almost completely independently from how the backend is developed. Your templating system, how CSS is built and managed, preferred methods for design components, all this can be treated like a separate project. Your designers and frontend developers don’t even have to have skills specific to the CMS you are using.

Life, of course, is never perfect. The main drawbacks become apparent when really thinking about how all this affects the way your site is built and managed. When using a CMS like Drupal, you start losing a lot of the key features that make it the tool it is. Can you use Drupal’s site building tools to, for example, change the order of fields displayed on a page? Things like that are now being hard-coded into the frontend. We also start losing some of the multilingual features, it plays less nice with metatags and other SEO features, and potentially increases the amount of work and skills needed to build your website. Those aren’t all unsolvable problems, but you’ll need to consider them when deciding where you are willing to devote the development time to building a decoupled site.

Two Approaches

If you understand the concept of separating your frontend and backend, you’ll start seeing two approaches while doing your research. “Headless” Drupal, which just means a fully decoupled frontend. The other is “progressive” decoupling. “What the heck is that?” you might say. Progressive decoupling blurs the line between what the frontend and backend are doing, rather than fully decoupling the two.

Progressive decoupling starts with a traditional website approach, with no decoupling, and the backend doing most of the work to produce the web page. Then, individual components that are deemed more interactive or take longer to produce are handled by the frontend. This approach plays a little more nicely with tools already present in your CMS, and is easier to implement on any existing website.

New Hotness Can Burn

Decoupling a website is a great way to solve some problems of the traditional website module. We certainly advocate it for projects suffering from those problems. But, as with all technology, make sure your use case has the need before forcing technology onto it. The decoupling approach can revolutionize your site visitor’s experience, but if forced to fit it can create new problems, increase development time, and inflate your costs.

A simple site, with few frontend performance problems, largely static content, and little need for things like user- or region-specific content, is not likely to need something like a decoupled frontend. My advice: Let your requirements always inform your solution. Technology is great at solving problems, but don’t let it create them by misapplying it to your project. If you want to talk about whether decoupled Drupal might be right for you, please contact us.

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Autonomes Auto: Mitarbeiter an Apples "Project Titan" wandern zum Start.up Zoox ab

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 15:30
Eine Gruppe von 17 Ingenieuren, die bislang am Fahrzeugprojekt des iPhone-Konzerns arbeitete, ist zum Start-up Zoox abgewandert.

Elektronik-Upcyling: 3D-Drucker für 10 Euro

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 15:30
Drei Tintenstrahldrucker, ein alter Scanner und Pappkisten – dank geschicktem Upcycling hat ein italienischer Schüler einen Arduino-basierten 3D-Drucker gebaut, dessen neue Bauteile mit gerade mal 10 Euro zu Buche schlagen sollen.

KAMP DHP mit kostenlosem Virtual Private Server

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 15:30
Ein kostenloses und unbefristetes Mini-VPS soll gewerbliche Interessenten von den Qualitäten des Rechenzentrums der KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbH überzeugen.

Ark: Survival Evolved – Dino-Survival-Spiel ist fertig

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 15:00
Die Release-Version des vor zwei Jahren als Early-Access-Spiel gestarteten Dinosaurier-Spektakels "Ark: Survival Evolved" ist offiziell auf Steam und für die Konsolen PS4 und Xbox One verfügbar.

Vor dem Sturz in den Saturn: NASA-Sonde Cassini soll bis zuletzt funken

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 15:00
In zweieinhalb Wochen soll die NASA-Sonde Cassini beim Absturz in die Atmosphäre des Saturn verglühen. Bis dahin hat sie aber noch einiges zu tun, unter anderem soll sie noch ein paar letzte Fotos der größten Monden machen.

Wahl-O-Mat 2017: Entscheidungshilfe zur Bundestagswahl ist online

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 15:00
Bereits seit 2002 gibt es den "Wahl-O-Mat". Seit Mittwochmittag leistet das Online-Tool wieder Hilfestellung bei der Wahlentscheidung. Dazu gibt es Hintergrundinformationen zur Wahl und detaillierte Parteien-Statements zu wichtigen Themen.

AMDs Chefarchitekt Koduri: Kritik an Vega-Tests und Preisdiskussionen

heise online Newsticker - 31. August 2017 - 14:30
AMDs GPU-Chefarchitekt und Senior Vice President kritisiert die ersten Testberichte zu Vega: sie seien nicht gut auf die Performance-Watt-Skalierbarkeit von Vega eingegangen. Außerdem weist er die Diskussion um hohe Vega-Preise zurück.