EU-Justizkommissarin warnt vor negativen Einfluss auf Wahlen durch Facebook-Datenmissbrauch

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 9:30
Datenmissbrauch könne demokratische Wahlen beeinflussen, schreibt EU-Kommissarin Vera Jourová in einem Brief an die Facebook-Geschäftsführerin Sheryl Sandberg und fordert Aufklärung im Datenskandal.

Russische Wahlkampf-Trolle: Tumblr veröffentlicht Liste mit gesperrten Accounts

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 9:30
Der Blogging-Dienst Tumblr hat die Namen von 84 Benutzerkonten enthüllt, die mit Propaganda-Postings während des US-Wahlkampfs 2016 im Auftrag der russischen Regierung Desinformation und Unfrieden verbreitet haben sollen.

Facebook-Datenskandal: Durchsuchung in Londoner Cambridge-Analytica-Zentrale

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 9:00
Unangenehmer Besuch vor dem Wochenende: Datenschützer verschaffen sich mit Gerichtsbeschluss Zugang zu Cambridge Analytica. Das Unternehmen steht unter Verdacht, Millionen US-Wähler für Donald Trump beeinflusst zu haben.

Amazee Labs: DrupalCamp Ruhr 2018 Recap

Planet Drupal - 27. März 2018 - 8:41
DrupalCamp Ruhr 2018 Recap

Two hundred and fifty people from across Germany and its neighbouring countries gathered in Essen on 17 and 18 March for DrupalCamp Ruhr, an event full of fresh discussions, workshops and presentations.

Josef Dabernig Tue, 03/27/2018 - 08:41

The organizers decided to use the Open Space / Barcamp format that provided attendees with the option to pre-select certain sessions, but which could also be combined spontaneously with ad-hoc sessions that the participants had presented in the kick-off session. This meant that, in contrast to our regular conference experience, each of us got to quickly present our idea and were also able to adapt the camp’s schedule collaboratively before we started.

On each day, we would then agree upon the session plan. I ended up doing a planned session and two spontaneous ones. Before I start to explain what I talked about, I would like to highlight what stood out for me, in terms of discussions and themes at the conference:

Drupal 8 Distributions are ready

The initial panel discussion on distributions was a great moment to hear Distribution Maintainers and Leads talk about NP8, deGov, Thunder, Varbase, Commerce, OpenSocial and the Out of the Box initiative. It was great to see how much progress the distribution space has already made in Drupal 8. Distributions are an excellent way to highlight what Drupal can do and push for reusable, generic solutions. As I had worked 4 years with the epiqo team on Recruiter, one of the first Drupal 7 distributions, this was also a good reminder of the interesting challenges we face when creating products based on Drupal. In addition, the panelists also discussed how to best manage configurations using approaches like Features and Config Split.

Local Communities starting to collaborate

Another highlight was the discussions around aligning Drupal community efforts. The project, Local Community Distribution, was created to combine efforts in order to build and maintain local community websites. Representatives from various country initiatives were brought together, along with neighbouring countries such as France and the Netherlands, to share their codebases in the interim, which can be used as a solid foundation to get these projects off the ground. Details of the discussion can be found in this ticket.


Coincidentally, we recently started an initiative to create a new Drupal Switzerland website, so keep an eye on our group’s page or join one of the Zurich Meetups to follow the progress and join the discussion.

Communication moving from Slack to DrupalChat

Over the last few years, a large percentage of instant communication has moved from IRC to Slack because of superior usability. Unfortunately, Slack’s commercial focus limits the community using it - currently most of our channels appear empty due to the fact that Drupal Slack hides old messages. The local communities, therefore, decided to go for as an alternative. If you are interested, follow this issue or join the BOF at DrupalCon NA.

Drupal 8 Initiatives are making progress

In my talk - Drupal 8 Initiatives, I tried to give an overview of the status, history and achievements of the initiatives that are contributing to the Drupal 8 project. It was a great opportunity to highlight how much Drupal 8 has already been evolving over the years as well as to show how any future contributions can be done collaboratively.

In the spontaneous session, we spoke about Agile and Project Management practices as well as the #d8rules initiative.

Keeping an eye on upcoming Drupal events in Europe

Thanks to the DrupalCamp Ruhr team for putting together such a dynamic event!

We are really looking forward to more collaboration and exchanges within the Drupal community during 2018. For those who can’t make it to DrupalCon Nashville, 9-13 April, Europe has you covered. Keep an eye on these events:

As usual, you can also find many more regional events on Drupical and finally, if you are interested in an unconference using the Open Space format, make sure to join us for Agile Lean Europe Zürich 2018, August 22-24.

For more information on DrupalCamp Ruhr, check out the event website, the #dcruhr18 twitter hashtag or find more pictures on our flickr page.

Sorge um Datenschutz: Hälfte der Nutzer erwägt Social-Media-Abmeldung

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 8:30
Der Facebook-Skandal stimmt viele Social-Media-Nutzer nachdenklich. Laut einer Umfrage hat fast jeder zweite Nutzer in Deutschland schon einmal über eine Abmeldung nachgedacht. Der Tesla-Chef Elon Musk macht jetzt Ernst.

Bericht: Probleme in Ubers Roboterwagen-Programm seit Monaten bekannt

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 8:30
Nachdem ein selbstfahrendes Auto von Uber eine Fußgängerin tötete, richtet sich die Aufmerksamkeit auf das Roboterwagen-Programm des Fahrdienst-Vermittlers. Internen Unterlagen zufolge lief dort nicht alles glatt, schreibt die "New York Times".

Mit Nasa-"Hammer" gegen Armageddon: Abwehr von potenziell gefährlichem Asteroiden

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 8:00
Der Asteroid "Bennu" könnte auf der Erde einschlagen - wenn überhaupt zwar erst in mehr als 100 Jahren, aber die Nasa denkt trotzdem schon heute über eine Abwehr nach. Ab Dezember soll eine Sonde den Asteroiden zunächst genau untersuchen.

Medion Akoya E3215: günstiges Convertible im Test

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 8:00
Mit seinem Preis unterhalb der 400-Euro-Grenze ist das Akoya E3215 eines der günstigsten Windows-Convertibles auf dem Markt. TechStage hat den Praxistest gemacht: Wie gut ist der Computer?

Die Sommerzeit – warum es sie gibt und ob sie etwas bringt

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 7:30
Jedes Jahr entbrennt die Diskussion über Sinn und Unsinn der Sommerzeit. Warum wurde sie eingeführt? Und hat die Verschiebung überhaupt einen Nutzen? Und wie funktioniert sie technisch?

Valve bekämpft Cheater in Counter-Strike mit Deep Learning

heise online Newsticker - 27. März 2018 - 7:00
Für sein Anti-Cheat-Programm setzt Valve inzwischen auf Neuronale Netzwerke, die per Deep Learning trainiert werden. Auf der GDC stellte der Hersteller sein Abwehrsystem anhand von Counter-Strike vor.

MidCamp - Midwest Drupal Camp: Musings on MidCamp, and how the Drupal Leprechaun got away

Planet Drupal - 26. März 2018 - 22:01
Musings on MidCamp, and how the Drupal Leprechaun got away

As I mentioned in the closing remarks, this year’s MidCamp was a roller coaster ride. And as I said to people in the halls: the actual camp is the easy part; it’s getting there that is the real challenge.

One would think that after five years of planning MidCamp, this would get easier. Sadly, this has not been the case. Our primary challenge year to year is organizer burnout. The core team keeps shrinking and inevitably someone takes on a significant burden to keep camp on course. This year, that was me, though I’m either too stubborn or too stupid to walk away from the project.

Some specific challenges we faced this year:

  • We overreached with the site rebuild, giving us a late start to crucial things like selling sponsorships and opening the call for papers
  • We were $15k below our revenue goals just four weeks before camp
  • We succeeded in finally getting DePaul faculty to underwrite us as an internal event (which would have saved on both venue rental and catering fees) only to find out that we were too far in the process (and then later find out we will forever be an external event)

To stay afloat, we made adjustments:

  • We increased training ticket costs to cover food and training day venue rental
  • We canceled all but coffee and water for session days and the Sunday sprint
  • We cut any rooms not used for sessions and we massaged our schedule and room reservations (DePaul is unique in letting us reserve by the hour versus whole or half day like many other venues)
  • We cut all but limited snacks at the after parties

The extra hours picking up the slack, the repeated bad news, constant fretting over the budget, and all these cuts really made me start to wonder if MidCamp was worth the effort.

I’m at a dozen or more camps each year. The unsolicited MidCamp love I hear at these camps is what keeps me going. And it was also the reason I could not fathom why we were falling apart at the seams. The community seems to think this is a viable camp, but in all other ways, we were not hitting the mark. Which got me thinking this could very well have been the fifth and final MidCamp.

It was with this in mind that I reached out to Twitter with what I call my hat-in-hand tweet. And the community proved, in no uncertain terms, that this camp matters. We hit record numbers of individual sponsors and received over $1,000 in donations, which we’ve never taken before. And sponsors followed with a last-minute show of support.

We had money again, which meant it was time to reverse some of our cuts. Yet the changes we were forced to make had some unforeseen consequences, the most glaring of which was the cavernous emptiness of the main room. This is a model we lifted from DrupalCorn Camp early on and it worked well for a while. But this year it was a colossal fail as people, by and large, did not return to the main room to eat their lunch after grabbing it from the cafeteria, which meant almost no foot traffic for sponsor tables, and a $5,000-per-day room hosting only a few dozen people outside of the keynote, lightning talks, and camp closing.

So with attendee and sponsor feedback, plus diligent head counts of every room every hour (including the main room), we are now armed with actual data instead of anecdotal recollections:

  • The multi-purpose sponsor/bof/keynote room was a bust
  • There was a 33% drop in session attendance from Friday to Saturday (yikes!)
  • And MidCamp—while amazing—was just another camp

It’s time for change. Here is what’s in store for 2019:

  • Condensing all of camp to a single floor of the student center
  • Allowing slightly longer time between sessions
  • Shifting the schedule so that sessions are Thursday and Friday, to address attendance drop-off
  • Adding summits to the training day before camp starts to draw more attendance
  • Curating sprint initiatives and marketing them early, again to draw more attendance
  • Leveraging MidCamp as the onramp to DrupalCon

And that, my friends, brings us to the amazing Druplichaun we revealed for O’MidCamp. To roll camp back a day, we need to push to the following week in 2019, March 20-23. So if you caught sight of the little fella, know that he got away this time, but we anticipate seeing him again in the future.

Feel free to come to Chicago early and watch the river turn green, escape the Chi-rish, and do some fun things with the local community while we ramp up for an all-new MidCamp.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and consider getting involved! Join the Slack at

See you around,
Kevin Thull
MidCamp 2019 Fearless Leader (among other things)

Palantir: Culture & Connection Series at DrupalCon

Planet Drupal - 26. März 2018 - 20:23
Culture & Connection Series at DrupalCon brandt Mon, 03/26/2018 - 13:23 Alex Brandt Mar 27, 2018

Join Director of Operations Colleen Carroll for daily discussions on how to foster a unique, empowered remote-first culture.

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Palantir’s Director of Operations, Colleen Carroll, has been helping foster a special culture at Palantir for the past 11 years. At this year’s DrupalCon, she’ll be hosting a short discussion each afternoon at the Palantir booth to share her perspective on cultivating and scaling culture with a remote-first team.

These discussions will be casual in nature, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Tools we use at Palantir to foster and celebrate culture
  • Colleen’s philosophy of bringing open source into HR
  • How to support effective teams through shared principles and empowerment

We encourage anyone looking to learn more about these topics to grab some lunch, and then join us at the Palantir booth (#503) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:30pm - 2pm.

Palantir: Where to Find the Palantiri at DrupalCon Nashville

Planet Drupal - 26. März 2018 - 19:21
Where to Find the Palantiri at DrupalCon Nashville brandt Mon, 03/26/2018 - 12:21 Alex Brandt Mar 27, 2018

Palantir is bringing a motley crew of 18 to DrupalCon, and we couldn’t be more excited to see you in Music City.

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It’s finally almost DrupalCon week, and our team is ready to hit it at full force! Here’s what we have on the books so far - won’t you join us?

Media and Publishing Summit

Kick-off your week with Palantir’s Director of Innovation, Ken Rickard, who will be speaking at this year’s Media and Publishing Summit. The summit will address current challenges faced by the media industry and how Drupal can help. Register in advance to attend.

  • Date: Monday, April 9
  • Time: 11:30am - 5pm
Teamwork and Leadership Workshop

The Drupal Community Working Group and the Drupal Association are offering a Teamwork and Leadership Workshop, and both George DeMet and Tiffany Farriss will be helping facilitate. Space is limited, so register soon to attend.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 10
  • Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Culture and Connection Series

Palantir’s Director of Operations, Colleen Carroll, has been helping foster a special culture at Palantir for the past 11 years. She’ll be hosting a small discussion each afternoon at the Palantir booth to share her perspective on cultivating and scaling culture with a remote-first team.

Palantiri Sessions Making Inclusion Happen Through Mentoring by Allison Manley and Michelle Jackson

Learn about Palantir’s pilot program to expose new faces to the Drupal community, something we call the “Inclusion Initiative.”

  • Time: Tuesday at 10:45am
  • Room: 101E
Inclusion in Action BoF led by Ryan Price and friends

Continue the inclusion discussion in a BoF led by one of the Inclusion Initiative’s mentors.

  • Time: Tuesday at 2:15pm
  • Room: 203B
Partnering With Non-Profits to Reach Diverse Audiences BoF led by Julia of GenesysWorks

Curious how to start an inclusion program of your own? Check out this BoF led by one of our non-profit partners.

  • Time: Tuesday at 3:45pm
  • Room: 102A
Manage Yourself First by Ken Rickard

Learn about a few self-training tools that you can adopt to help you manage all of the different factors of technical leadership.

  • Time: Wednesday at 10:45am
  • Room: 207D
Community Convos: Camp Organizing by Avi Schwab and friends

Join a discussion on Drupal camp logistics.

  • Time: Wednesday at 12:35pm
  • Room: 101E
Community Convos: Governance Retrospective by George DeMet and friends

The CWG will be leading a retrospective of their process to solicit feedback from the wider community on Drupal governance and facilitating a discussion on how to get more people involved in community governance.

  • Time: Wednesday at 2:15pm
  • Room: 101E
Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance When Working Remotely by Lauren Burroughs, Luke Wertz, and friends

During this moderated panel, the team will discuss some of the common problems with remote work and strategies to be successful when work and home life collide.

  • Time: Wednesday at 3:45pm
  • Room: 101C
Community Convos: Fostering Community Health by George DeMet and friends

This conversation is hosted by the CWG to talk about the Drupal community and the role that the CWG plays in helping to keep it a friendly and welcoming place.

  • Time: Thursday at 10:45am
  • Room: 101E
Trivia Night

Each year Palantir sponsors Thursday night’s Trivia at DrupalCon. We love having the opportunity to end our week on a high note, testing our Drupal knowledge with our community comrades. Come on out to City Winery for some friendly competition, prizes for the winners, and laughs all-around.

  • Time: Thursday, doors open at 8pm
  • Location: City Winery, 609 Lafayette Street
Grab Swag at Booth #503

And of course, don’t forget to stop by our booth (#503) to grab some fresh Palantir swag from Alex and Annie. We’ll have new stickers, new socks, and a special limited edition item that you will just have to come see for yourself.

See you in Music City!


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Wochenrückblick Replay: Blockchain, Autounfall, Datenskandal

heise online Newsticker - 26. März 2018 - 19:00
Illegale Inhalte in der Blockchain, ein tragischer Autounfall der besonderen Art und Facebooks Datenskandal – die meistgelesenen Meldungen in dieser Woche.

c't uplink 21.5: WLAN-Steckdosen, fotorealistische Renderings und NAS-Festplatten

heise online Newsticker - 26. März 2018 - 18:30
Alexa, mach das Licht an! In c't uplink schalten wir funk- und sprachgesteuerte Steckdosen ein und aus. Wir zeigen Fotos, die gar keine Fotos sind, sondern gerendert wurden – und wir testen NAS-Festplatten.

Lullabot: Jen Lampton on the Backdrop Community and Forking Drupal

Planet Drupal - 26. März 2018 - 18:21
In this episode, Matthew Tift talks with Jen Lampton about the Backdrop project, the differences between the Drupal and Backdrop communities, helping people, organizing software communities, and much more.

#deletefacebook: Elon Musk lässt Facebook-Seiten von SpaceX und Tesla entfernen

heise online Newsticker - 26. März 2018 - 18:00
Dem Aufruf #deletefacebook ist nun offenbar der umtriebige Unternehmer Elon Musk gefolgt. Sein Facebook-Profil, das von SpaceX und das von Tesla wurden wohl gelöscht. Mozilla, Sonos und die Commerzbank wollen erst einmal nicht mehr auf Facebook werben.

Tag1 Consulting: Michael Meyers Joins Tag1 As Managing Director

Planet Drupal - 26. März 2018 - 17:05
I’m excited to announce that Michael Meyers has joined the Tag1 team as Managing Director. Michael was one of our very first clients 10 years ago, we’ve worked together on many projects over the years, and we look forward to working even more closely with him now that he’s a part of the Tag1 team. Michael has extensive experience building market leading high-growth technology companies and is particularly well known in the Drupal Community for his role in driving innovation of the Drupal platform. Michael brings over 20 years of experience managing global technology teams building high traffic, high performance mobile and web applications. Tag1 recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, in that time we’ve established ourselves as the leading provider of highly available, scalable, secure, high performance systems and as the organization other agencies and the users of Drupal turn to for help with their most challenging problems. We will be working with Michael to expand on our success to date and to help lead Tag1 into the future. Roots in Success Michael joins Tag1 from Acquia, where he spent the last 5 years on the leadership team as VP of Developer Relations, Developer Marketing, and helped launch the Developer... Read more Jeremy Mon, 03/26/2018 - 08:05

Baum und Borke: Apple-Chef im Konfliktfeld China

heise online Newsticker - 26. März 2018 - 17:00
Tim Cook nimmt als "Co-Chair" am China Development Forum in Peking teil – während sich die Konflikte zwischen den USA und dem Riesenreich verschärfen.

Dropbox debütiert fulminant an Börse in New York

heise online Newsticker - 26. März 2018 - 16:30
Zwischenzeitlich wurden die Aktien des Unternehmens für mehr als 31 US-Dollar gehandelt, Dropbox erreichte einen Börsenwert von über 12 Milliarden Dollar.